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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hillary: her health as well as her competence in question

Hillary at Bay  "The sicker Hillary Clinton looks on the campaign trail, the more the Media Left tells us to deny the evidence of our eyes.  Mrs. Clinton has suffered two strokes near, if not inside, her brain; but strokes are seldom localized affairs, and behind the scenes her doctors must be telling her to stop any physically demanding campaign activities.

"Hillary is in effect suspending her active campaigning to do almost exclusively fundraisers."
. . .
"We are seeing a woman who should be checking into Walter Reed Hospital to take full-time rest and recovery under intensive medical care, but who has to be physically propped up at some public appearances. "

"Her email setup was an open invitation to major hacks, which have now done immense damage to the Government, the DNC, and even to Gyorgyi Soros, the Hungarian Machiavellian personality who controls much of the core Democratic Party. Wikileaks is brimming over with leaks, but it isn't funny: The chickens have indeed come back to roost, but they are now a clear and present danger to national security. This is very dangerous."
. . . 
"Crucial government servants are being exposed to blackmail by foreign regimes, including Jihadists, the Chinese, and various tinpot dictators who can buy into what must be a flourishing black market in American national security secrets. The Ship of State is badly holed under the water line, and Obama's team has shown absolutely no capacity to even grasp the emergency, much less to do anything about it."
Obama’s former doctor recommends neurological testing for Hillary Clinton   "During a recent interview with Erin Burnett on CNN, Obama’s former physician, David Scheiner, recommended that Hillary Clinton have a “thorough neurologic exam,” stating that the two-page doctor letter Clinton provided attesting to her good health is not sufficient"

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