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Thursday, September 1, 2016

New depth plumbed in how far the media go to stop Trump

Thomas Lifson   "Headline News, the sister network of CNN, is willing to make itself look ridiculous in order to avoid broadcasting anything that reflects well on Donald Trump.  We have seen sophisticates like Jim Rutenberg of the New York Timesrationalize anti-Trump bias and make himself look ridiculous, too, but in order to appreciate the humor, one has to actually read and comprehend an article that has numbers of multi-syllabic words.
"But thanks to HLN, we have a dramatic graphic representation of extreme media bias, and as a bonus, it is laugh-out-loud funny.  Big Fur Hat of iOTWReport spotted the obsessive lengths to which HLN will go:
Clinton Network News affiliate HLN interviewed a man who saved a baby from a hot car.
HLN wouldn’t allow the man’s Trump shirt to get on the air.
"Donald Trump has a huge opportunity to make the media’s bias against him an asset.  He should have a blowup of the screen grab made and have someone bring it out and ridicule the blurring of his name.  Most people hate and distrust the media.  The criticism of him can be turned back against the critics, who continually makes asses of themselves over Trump."

Clinton News Network From 2006, even!
"The candidates answered the questions far more directly than Democrats ever have in their debates, but, overall, we witnessed a barely disguised CNN propaganda spectacle."

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