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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wikileaks boss says MORE Hillary Clinton documents are on the way

Julian Assange on Hannity: Clinton Is Lying About Not Recognizing Classified Markings
“ 'So it’s absolutely incredible for Clinton to lie,” Assange concluded. “She is lying about not knowing what that is. But it’s a bit disturbing that [FBI Director] James Comey goes along with that game.' ”

UK Daily Mail
He also accused Clinton of 'lying' to the FBI about not knowing what the classified markings she saw in several of her emails meant. He held up a cable she signed off on that contained the same marking as evidence

"Assange has been promising another damaging document dump since Wikileaks published emails in late July from Democratic Party officials

  • "Now he says the next batch will come 'reasonably soon' with teasers next week or the following week

  • "He also accused Clinton of 'lying' to the FBI about misidentifying the classified markings she saw in several of her emails" . . .

  • Jason Chaffetz asks US Attorney to open criminal probe of Hillary emails
    . . . "Chaffetz’s request comes a week after 50 House Republicans asked the Justice Department for a new probe into the Clinton Foundation over alleged “pay to play” from donors to gain access to Hillary.

    "Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) penned the letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch due to an Associated Press report that the majority of the people who met with Hillary during her term “gave money – either personally or through companies or groups – to the Clinton Foundation.' ”

    If the GOP loses Congress, all this will end when Elijah Cummings takes over from Trey Gowdy and Harry Reid replaces Mitch McConnell.

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