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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Former Secretary of State, George P. Shultz: The Danger Of Empty Threats

Hoover Institution  "Sometimes small events have a major impact on your thinking. I remember boot camp and the day my Marine Corps drill sergeant handed me my rifle. “This is your best friend,” he said. “Take good care of it and remember: never point this rifle at anybody unless you’re willing to pull the trigger.' ”. . . 

. . . "Then, when Iran was interfering with Kuwaiti shipping in the Persian Gulf in 1987–88, we reflagged the tankers as American vessels and put them under the protection of the US Navy. While Iran’s president, Ali Khamenei, was making a speech to the United Nations saying the last thing Iran would do was to put mines in the Persian Gulf, we had Navy eyewitnesses taking pictures of Iranian forces doing just that. In one notable operation in September 1987, our sailors boarded an Iranian vessel, seized mines as evidence, removed the crew, and sank the ship. There was no loss of life, but we sent a clear message. We exposed the Iranians’ lie, let them know that we knew what they were doing, and showed them the consequences."

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