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Monday, October 10, 2016

It Wasn’t a Town Hall Meeting, It Was a Town Hall Ambush

Todd Starnes


A portion of the debate here:
3. This wasn’t a town hall debate. It was a town hall ambush. CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz, disgraced themselves and their networks by ganging up on Donald Trump. When the audience cheered for Trump, they were told to be quiet. But when they cheered for Hillary, the moderators were silent. “One on three” is how Trump described it.
4. Hillary got rattled.  Donald Trump knocked Hillary off her talking points and she was clearly rattled by his political punches. Off stage, one of her campaign staffers tweeted a profane message to Trump, “F*** you.” Not a bad job for a candidate who was also fielding attacks from Clinton spokesman Anderson Cooper and Clinton’s designated debater, Martha Raddatz.
5. There was no pre-debate handshake. It clearly demonstrated the level of anger and hatred between the candidates. But it’s probably best they skipped the handshake. The Mainstream Media would’ve accused Trump of inappropriate behavior.
6. Clinton won’t say Radical Islam. “We are not at war with Islam and it is a mistake and it plays into the hands of terrorists to act as though we are.” Well, trying telling that to the folks who were blown up, stabbed and gunned down in places like Orlando, San Bernardino, New Jersey, St. Cloud, Minnesota, Chattanooga, Chelsea, New York and September 11th, 2001. 
7. Trump needs to stay focused on the issues. This presidential election was supposed to be about jobs and securing the border and protecting us from radical Islam - not repugnant locker room banter, overweight beauty queens or litigating the past. Don't get distracted by Hillary and her minions in the Mainstream Media."
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