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Friday, October 21, 2016

Julian Assange on the murdered Seth Rich, Democrat whistleblower.

TD: We welcome any refutations of the claims in this article:

Viral Liberty  "When Seth Rich was found shot in the back in the early morning hours on a Washington street it was reported to be a result of a robbery.  The problem with that story was Rich’s money, his wallet and his watch and phone were still on his body.

"The 27 year-old Rich was a DNC staffer who had joined the Democratic Party because he had believed that the Democrats actually want to use government to help people.  As he learned that the party he admired was actually nothing more than a crime syndicate masquerading as political party that cares about the people, he decided to go to the FBI with what he had learned while he worked at the DNC.
"He was murdered on his way to that meeting.  Assange felt threatened enough by Rich’s assassination to allow himself to be interviewed about it:"

. . . "The recent avalanche of emails, obtained legitimately or not, has made it obvious to everyone except Hillary’s true sycophants that the Clinton Democratic machine (aka the Clinton crime syndicate) will stop at nothing to gain control of the United States treasury."

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