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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Still think Obama is the messiah known as "He Who Must Be Believed"?

First this perspective:

"We have to rely on WikiLeaks to inform use because the MSM have abandoned their duty of honest reporting to work for the election of Hillary."  J. Marsolo
Zero Hedge: The Smoking Gun: Cheryl Mills Tells Podesta "We Need To Clean This Up - Obama Has Emails From Her"
Once again he tells us that he first heard from the news reports.

. . . "So just how did Mills and Podesta "clean up" the fact that Obama lied to the American people, a tactic some could allege is evidence of an attempt to cover up a presidential lie to protect Hillary Clinton.
"What we do know, and we assume this is completely unrelated, between March 25-31, just a couple of weeks after Mills said "we need to clean this up," Bleachbit was used to wipe Hillary's private server clean. But of course, that is purely a coincidence.
"Since we are confident others will also demand an answer, in light of the latest revelation hinting at a collusive cover up extending to the very top of US government, or as Cheryl Mills dubbed it a "clean up", perhaps it is time for the State Depratment to unveil just what was said between the president and the Clinton campaign?" . . .
Another lie: Obama learned about Hillary's emails from the news
. . . "Why did Obama lie?  He knew Hillary would be the Democratic nominee, and like it or not, he had to work to help elect her, as he has furiously done.  A Hillary win would keep his lies a secret since he never suspected that Podesta's emails would be hacked and released." . . .

Wikileaks: Clinton aides scrambled to fix Obama false claim didn’t know about personal email or server  . . . "He knew Hillary’s email address was not a state.gov address. It doesn’t take a genius to know that her private email address was therefore on a separate server.

"Today, Wikileaks dumped more emails from Hillary’s campaign chair John Podesta’s email address. Included in the batch is an email from Hillary aide Josh Schwerin to Hillary’s communications aide Jennifer Palmieri about a tweet by Katherine Miller on March 7 that questioned Obama’s claims he only found out about the email system through the media." . . .

Andrew C. McCarthy: ‘We Need to Clean This Up’: More Evidence Obama Lied about Hillary’s Private E-mails  "There was panic in Camp Clinton when President Obama falsely told the public he had not known about then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of private e-mail until he heard about it “through news reports.”

"In reality, Obama and Clinton exchanged at least 18 e-mails through Clinton’s private account and homebrew server system. And we now know, based on investigative reports released by the FBI, that Obama used a pseudonym in at least some of his e-mails with Clinton. Moreover, as I noted in a column ten days ago, top advisers to Obama and Clinton flagged the Obama–Clinton e-mails problem before Obama issued his false denial of knowledge." . . .

Source: WikiLeaks

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