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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tough As Nails Black Leader Shuts Down Hillary With ONE Epic Word

Rebecca Diserio  "Brunell Donald-Kyei is a black attorney and former Democrat, who works and lives in Chicago and also happens to be as tough as nails. After voting for Barack Obama twice, she is sick and tired of broken promises. Now, after stepping up and being named Diversity Outreach vice-chair for Donald Trump, Brunell had something to say to Hillary Clinton, shutting down the Democratic candidate with just one word." . . .

’m a lifelong Democrat. I’ve always voted Democrat. I voted for our president two times, Mr. Barack Obama,” she said. “You know, I believed in him when he said, ‘Yes, we can,’ and ‘You know there’s hope. We can do it together,’ and here it is eight years later; nothing happened.” [via Breibart]
Then, she turned on the liberal media and really blasted their bias for Hillary and the Democrats saying, “Imagine if, during slavery, and during the civil rights movement, and during the times when our country, the Framers were coming about, thinking they were going to make our country free. Imagine if the journalists only told one side of the story. We would still be slaves. Black people would still be slaves, if journalists, if people were not neutral and didn’t just tell the news the way it was.”
However, probably Brunell’s most compelling statement is something all Americans need to consider before they go and vote in November. She told Breitbart:
 " . . .And so I got on the Trump Train immediately, and began supporting Donald Trump.”

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