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Thursday, November 3, 2016

American Civil War locations, then and now

UK Guardian "The women who dug the graves, the kids who watched the largest battle in US history – and the slaves forced to help fighters at the front. 150 years after the last shots were fired, Guardian photographer David Levene travelled across the US photographing the sites scarred by the American civil war

How I photographed the American civil war in 2015   

"Antietam Dunker’s Church  "Bodies at the Dunker Church in Antietam, Maryland, September 1862. The battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single-day battle in US history, and Dunker Church was the focus of Union attacks against the Confederates. In 1921, a storm destroyed the church, but it was rebuilt for the 100th anniversary of the battle in 1962."

Archive photograph by Alexander Gardner/Library of Congress

" ‘My family lived here during the civil war – they were farmers with 13 children. Their lives were devastated forever. There were wounded here for a year after. Bodies were left in the fields. My great uncle got paid 25 cents per skull to give them a proper burial.’ "

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