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Thursday, November 3, 2016

"My Final Argument For Trump: Humiliate The Media!"

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Ann Coulter  "(EDITORS: Please note graphic language in column.)"
. . . "(2) Trump's a sexual predator!
    "Hillary's husband is a well­ established rapist, groper and pants­dropper. She's his fixer.
    "Unlike the serial predations of her husband, leveled repeatedly throughout the decades, the timing of these 11th­ hour allegations against Trump make them highly suspect.
    "Recall that The New York Times spent months investigating Trump's treatment of women earlier this year. The Newspaper of Record put its best reporters on the job, interviewed a dozen women, and the paper splashed the story on its front page. But the best the Times could come up with was a story about Trump, as a bachelor, publicly praising a model for looking great in a bikini at his pool party. Then they dated.
    "Five months later, just weeks before the election, there doesn't seem to be a female Democrat who isn't claiming to have been groped by Trump ­­ and getting loads of fawning publicity. " . . .

Related, but not from Ms. Coulter.

On The Upside, At Least This Election Will Destroy The Media
I hate posting articles that contain the phrase, "my book", but the insights in it are worth reading.
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

. . . "Let that ping pong around in your brain for a minute. Liberal journalists, by which I mean journalists, do not think you should know things that hurt their favored candidate. This is an interesting new take on the whole idea of “news reporting,” an innovative rethink that refocuses journalists less on ensuring people hear the news and instead focuses on ensuring they only hear certain news that, incidentally, supports the media’s progressive political agenda." . . .

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail
Cartoons added by TD

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