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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Des Moines Cop-Killings will be a Propaganda Goldmine for Democrats

"Does everyone remember when, after the San Bernardino massacre in 2015, John Podesta lamented that the suspects weren’t white?  Samuel L. Jackson expressed a similar sentiment."
American Thinker  "I think we can expect the latest assassinations of police officers, committed early Wednesday in the Des Moines area, to be a propaganda goldmine for the Left.
"This incident will surely be exploited because, in this particular case, the alleged perpetrator is neither black nor Muslim; were he a member of either of those demographics, we would probably still be waiting for his name and/or photo to be made public."

. . . "I think we can anticipate this story being trumpeted, with barely-suppressed glee, by the Mainstream Media, and perhaps even utilized in remaining campaign appearances by Hillary & Co., as “proof” of the Leftist meme that it is pickup-driving, rebel flag-waving, disaffected, middle-aged “angry white men” (read: Donald Trump supporters) who present a far greater threat to our civilized society than violence-prone Black Lives Matter “activists,” ruthless gang members who illegally sneak across our Southern border, or murderous Jihadis (either “home-grown” or those who have been brought into our country as “refugees”)." . . .

Expect more American historical monuments to be trashed and vilified.

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