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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

An ObamaCare Agenda For President-Elect Trump


Galen Institute  "Although it came late as a campaign issue, ObamaCare was on the ballot again on Tuesday.  And it lost big.

"According to exit polls, 45% said they thought the law had gone too far.  Only 18% said it was about right. That follows years of public opinion polls consistently showing approval of the law under water.
"Voters have opposed the law since before it passed.  Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other determined liberals ignored the hundreds of thousands of people who marched on the Washington Mall on September 12, 2009, to protest their agenda. After that, deep-blue Massachusetts elected Republican Scott Brown to the Senate in early 2010 in an effort to build a firewall against final passage of the law.

"That failed when the White House devised a tortured and narrow path to final passage in March, but Democrats paid a high price when 63 House Democrats who voted for the law lost their seats in the 2010 mid-term elections.
"In 2012, Mitt Romney was an imperfect opponent of the health overhaul law, having shepherded passage of a version of it when he was governor of Massachusetts.  In 2015, after Republicans won control of the Senate, both houses of Congress did pass a repeal bill, only to see it vetoed by President Obama.
"In 2016, voters had another, maybe last, chance, but for much of the campaign, ObamaCare took a back seat to immigration, trade, veterans, jobs, and an endless well of scandals.  But then former President Clinton criticized the law (“…the craziest thing!”), and Hillary Clinton and even President Obama acknowledged changes were needed to ObamaCare." . . .    By Grace-Marie Turner and Doug Badger

From HopeNChangeCartoons is this by Stilton Jarlsberg, who writes below:
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. . . "Currently, we are receiving multiple email and telephone messages daily warning that our access to health insurance will be cut off soon unless we provide a host of documents to prove what our income will be in 2017. Documents which are pretty freaking hard to come by for self-employed cartoonists and gadabout authors.

"Adding to the fun, we have to change policies because Mrs. Jarlsberg has just started Medicare. Interestingly, taking one person off a two-person policy costs you 75% of your subsidy. Because, according to Healthcare.gov, "screw you."

"And speaking of Medicare, we just got a letter that Mrs. Jarlsberg's rates are being doubled before her first day of coverage because the same government which says they lack enough information about our income has simultaneously decided that we have an income of several hundred thousand dollars a year. A number which is only off by several hundred thousand dollars. And not in a good way." . . .

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