"Epstein is a good pal of President Bill Clinton’s. Epstein is also a registered sex offender who got himself into trouble soliciting and procuring the services of underaged girls." . . .

Thomas Lifson: The sweetheart deal for Bill Clinton's Orgy Island pal may be exposed and overturned  . . . "If the agreement is overturned and Epstein faces real punishment, he just might be the type of guy who would sing like a bird to get lenient treatment in exchange for implicating bigger fish with his testimony.  No wonder Bill Clinton is stammering when asked about whether his past is a relevant issue in his wife’s campaign."

"Bill Clinton’s travels with Epstein were confirmed long ago."
. . . "Hillary has been willing to cover up for Bill’s adulterous relationships – and even rape charges – in order to achieve and maintain power. So, covering up for a pedophile isn’t any big deal to her." . . . By Clarice Feldman in her column, Drums Along the Potomac