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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Clinton Owns It All

Hillary Clinton was defiant on the FBI reopening its probe into her e-mails Friday. Originally the FBI didn’t recommend charges against Hillary because they didn’t think they could get a conviction against her. But then the Cubs made it into the World Series and now anything’s possible. Comedian Argus Hamilton
A.B. Stoddard
One of Clinton’s worst lies (among her many documented ones) was to a grieving Pat Smith, who lost her son Sean in the Benghazi attack. In what Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said should forever disqualify Clinton from the job of commander-in-chief, we all now know Clinton told her daughter in an email on September 11, 2012 that an “al Qaeda-like group” had killed four men there including the U.S. ambassador, yet days later she told Pat Smith it was the fault of an anti-Islamic video.
"James Comey now tops Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange as the Hillary-harmer-in-chief, but the truth is Hillary Clinton’s once strong lead in the presidential race started shrinking before the Friday afternoon massacre, as the former secretary of state’s jaw-dropping misdeeds had caught up with her via Assange’s stinging WikiLeaks email dumps. No matter how unorthodox the conduct of FBI Director Comey, should Clinton lose to Donald Trump on Nov. 8, it’s her own fault." . . .

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