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Friday, November 4, 2016

More on whomever will lead America through shot and shell.

"Donald Trump found himself leading Hillary Clinton in three presidential polls Thursday. In just four days, Americans must choose for president either a billionaire womanizer or the first Methodist ever to head a crime family. As the pilot of the Hindenburg once shouted, this is not a drill."
Comedian Argus Hamilton

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"Hope n' Change couldn't help having a Twilight Zone experience yesterday when, following a Fox News report that the FBI is 99% sure that up to five foreign intelligence services successfully hacked Hillary Clinton's private server and stole our classified secrets, we subsequently checked television, radio, print, and the Internet and found that the mainstream media is completely ignoring it.

"Perhaps because the allegations - which certainly ring true - remain unsubstantiated outside of Fox News, and even they are starting to use a little weasel-wording about how solid the story might be.

"Hope n' Change believes Hillary's private server was hacked, because it neatly explains the horrendous string of foreign policy failures our country suffered during and after her time as Secretary of State. Russia knew exactly how aggressive they could get, Iran had inside information about our nuclear negotiation strategies, ISIS knew with certainty what we were and weren't willing to do, and on and on." . . .

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