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Monday, November 14, 2016

The insanity of Leftists on Trump’s win

Bloviating Zeppelin  "This video is almost too much to watch all the way through. But it’s illustrative of the length to which some people will go to demonize conservatives, the GOP or anyone who isn’t a Demorat."

. . . "Concurrently, there have been overt Donald Trump assassination advocates on social media, to include Twitter, who have attached their names to their threats. Some of the ones I encountered were forwarded, rightly so, to the US Secret Service. Others include:



. . . "This is but a brief smattering of what you’ll find on the internet: the outright advocacy of Trump’s assassination.
"Riots began in Oakland following Trump’s election and they have continued nightly throughout the Big City Rat Cages run by Demorats and, now, raided by organized and well-funded Leftists. Paid to riot and destroy."

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