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Sunday, November 20, 2016

You knew there would be more to say about the "Hamilton" dust-up, didn't you?

Hey, Hamilton cast: The left has its own problems with ‘diversity’
. . . "This should be no surprise as the left makes everything political. From NFL football games to Halloween costumes, it seems few American traditions are free from criticism and disdain over the same buzzword issues of diversity, inclusiveness, and tolerance. Even the tradition of a family night out at the theater." . . .

Venturing into the topic of "diversity", this article shows us the editorial board of the Huffington Post:

Nobody really wins in the Hamilton message situation  . . . "It’s generated a nice weekend of publicity, with pretty much everyone weighing in on the issue (John has a good round up here).
The Hamilton cast didn’t do anything wrong (or illegal) by reading the statement (hi First Amendment!), but at the same time, it may have been better for them to try to deliver the message personally to Pence. This way it doesn’t come off as publicity seeking, as it’s being portrayed, and could also have an even better effect. It’s like with the fashion designers publicly saying they won’t create dresses for Melania Trump* (or the Trump daughters). They have every right to do it, but it might be better to privately state why they are opposed to doing business with the Trumps. Again, there’s nothing wrong with a public statement, but it’s still too “attention seeking” for me." . . .

Melania Gets Last Laugh On Michelle’s Designer Who Refuses To Dress Her  "Assuming that Melania would want to be dressed by someone who was responsible for Michelle’s look, fashion designer Sophie Theallet came out on her own accord to announce that she would be boycotting any potential opportunities to work with Mrs. Trump — ironically saying that to do so would go against her beliefs of respecting everyone and honoring diversity."
Melania Gets Last Laugh On Michelle's Designer Who Refuses To Dress Her

. . . "Theallet was probably among those against a Christian business owner who refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple, citing their religious beliefs, but the same doesn’t apply when it comes to working for a woman who has differing political beliefs."

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