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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Much commentary on the utter classlessness of liberal Obama/ Hillary supporters

"Hamilton" cast member with zero class calls out Pence from center stage

"Cast member Brandon Dixon awkwardly calls out VP Pence from the stage. Dixon expressed the country was about multiculturalism. This was obviously a set up."
"Earlier, Mike Pence was booed when he entered the theatre. "
Scratch football over the national disrespect and now the theater for the same. TV has been beyond the pale for decades.
A few comments from one Facebook site:
  • "The audience should have had their purchase price refunded and someone should have personally and publicly apologized to the patrons, especially to the Pence Family. These people are what they are protesting!!! "
  • "Well, this is what the past 8 years has produced! I am so disgusted by their behavior. I thought I also read that the audience was also disrespectful These people are all so classless and clueless...their rights were already sold by Clinton, and the democratic party. However, we will all work hard to make sure they are safe, our country is safe, and we are all strong again."
  • "I went over to the Hamilton Musical Facebook page and am really disgusted by what I'm reading. We are in for a real revolution soon. Too many forces of evil and those that think they can spew their hate of others and everyone else are evil, hateful, etc."
  • "Devoid of class and respect ....they can dress up...wear makeup and disguises....but beneath it all.....they lack common decency. The man was an elected Congressman from Indiana...his job performance led the CITIZENS of that state to elect him Governor. Now, he will serve as Vice- President of the United States. He has earned that RESPECT!! So, for those on that stage with that statement...you proved you are not citizens of this nation....merely actors playing a role!!
Entertainment Weekly showed no shame or embarrassmment: Hamilton cast delivers powerful message to Mike Pence during curtain call

'Hamilton' Star’s Plea to Pence Highlights Liberals’ Screwy Notion of Presidency
. . . "I guess the presidential oath isn’t in the script. Here’s a little refresher: The incoming president swears to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” (Emphasis mine.) The entire cast and audience of Friday night’s performance conveniently forgot that fact when pleading for mercy. Perhaps that is because Democrat administrations starting with F.D.R. and culminating with Barack Obama have manipulated the media and the law to give the presidency the regal image and legal authority the founders, most notably President George Washington, despised and rejected. Liberals like those attending Friday night’s performance of Hamilton didn’t blink twice when Obama was taking massive executive actions to empower the presidency." . . .

Liberal Springsteen rocker and no friend of conservatives Steven Van Zandt calls out the "Hamilton" cast.
As a performer with Bruce Springsteen and actor in The Sopranos, Steven Van Zandt knows a few things about performing. And he said what ‘Hamilton’ did was over the line.
In a series of tweets, Van Zandt called it “bullying.”
And he laid out how performers should respect their audience:
. . . "I bet that this actor, in a play about Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founders, does not know that our first overseas war occurred when President Jefferson dispatched the Marines to Tripoli to rescue Americans held hostage by the Muslim terrorists of the day." . . .

#BoycottHamilton Is A Tired And Typical Response To What Happened To Pence . . . "If the Right wants to act less emotional and more mature (and it should), it will refuse to react to things like the “Hamilton” debacle with calls to boycott. Instead, the Right should realize diversity of thought exists and no one will ask us first if we care. Though the Left says otherwise, they actually hate intellectual diversity." 

President-elect Trump demands an apology  . . . "We don’t even have to wonder how this would be received if it were a conservative or Tea Party cast screeching out a message of “empathy” to Obama . . . because it would never happen.  Somewhere along the way, the progressive left has completely abandoned common decency, good manners, and any ability to function in civil society." . . .

Pence’s Hamilton Lecture Is A Reminder That Urban Elites Just Don't Get It  . . . "You have to be seriously dense to think that this administration is actually going to declare open season on Americans, our own countrymen. Our system of government is designed, unless during periods of war or rebellion, that our government just can’t take actions akin to Latin American dictatorships. Third, liberals will see this as a call to show how great diversity is in this country. Yeah, as a person of color, I get it. Woo hoo! Diversity! Yeah!  . . .

Trump continues feud with Hamilton cast with ANOTHER tweet AFTER a full day of Cabinet meetings - only to delete it moments later  Let the left be the ones without class, Mr. Trump.
'Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing,' Trump wrote. 'This should not happen!'The second one, written at 5.56am, read: 'The Theater must always be a safe and special place. The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!'  

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