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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump Officially Considering Marine Hero for Secretary Of Defense

Mad World News  "Speculation regarding Donald Trump’s cabinet has run wild – but there’s one name that’s causing an even greater buzz than the others. Now, the word is out that Trump is officially considering a Marine hero for Secretary of Defense, and it’s a choice that should command respect — even from Democrats." . . .

General (Ret) James Mattis, USMC (TIM SLOAN/GETTY)
General (Ret) James Mattis, USMC
. . .  “' Mad Dog” Mattis commands a great deal of nearly universal respect and is considered a hero to the Marines, who hold him almost in the same regard as their legendary former commandant, “Chesty” Puller. Importantly, Mattis also commands a great deal of respect and support within the Pentagon. Trump’s campaign rhetoric was very critical of the senior military leadership, so Mattis could be very useful in making peace with the Pentagon establishment.
"Mattis’ reputation and distinction come from his tenure as a Marine general in both Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2004), where he received wide acclaim for his command during the turbulent Battle of Fallujah. He later went to command US Central Command."

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