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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump Supporter Disrupts Chicago Performance Of ‘Hamilton’

I'm sorry about this. It is not hard to be classier than the left, so let's do it.

Daily Caller  "It did not take long for a Donald Trump supporter to respond to the way the Broadway cast of “Hamilton” treated Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

"BroadwayWorld reports a Trump supporter disrupted the Saturday night performance of “Hamilton” in Chicago.
"The audience member, who was sitting in the balcony, reportedly shouted, “We won! You Lost! Get over it! F[***] you!” during the number “Dear Theodosia.”
"One Twitter user, BroadwayWorld notes, claims that the disrupter ended up in a conflict with security prior to being removed from the theater. (RELATED: Pence On Being Lectured By ‘Hamilton’ Cast: ‘I Wasn’t Offended By What Was Said’)"

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