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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Report: Obama's secret concessions to Iran revealed

WND  "A United Nations nuclear watchdog has revealed that the Obama administration gave Iran secret exemptions, allowing the terror-sponsoring state to stockpile uranium in larger amounts than the limits imposed by the 2015 nuclear deal.
"The International Atomic Energy Agency posted documents on Dec. 23 indicating that Iran was given the concessions in January, according to the Weekly Standard’s Jenna Lifhits.
“ 'The agreements had been kept secret for almost a year, but recent reports indicated that the Trump administration intended to make them public,” Lifhits reported.
. . .  The Obama administration pushed the deal through and agreed to major terms without consulting with the U.S. Senate. The White House championed the plan as “the historic deal that will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.” . . . 
"In September, the Institute for Science and International Security reported that the Obama administration allowed Iran to exceed limits imposed by the deal so as to claim Tehran was still in compliance with the terms.
. . .

One cartoon, in the Persian newspaper Shahrvand, reimagines the famous photo of U.S. troops raising the American flag at the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. But this time, it’s Iranian nuclear negotiators raising the Iranian flag.

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