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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

SABOTAGE: Obama Is Working OVERTIME To Undercut President-Elect Trump’s Agenda

If there’s one saving grace it’s that after eight years of letting the [petulant, vindictive] man-child lead from behind, adults are moving into the White House come January.
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Clash Daily  "Barack Obama’s working harder his last month or so in office than he has his last eight years in office. When you’ve got a legacy to manufacture, and Donald Trump to set up for failure, hard work comes easily I suppose. The examples are many and new ones are being added almost daily.

"Take for instance his order to scrap a registry program designed to identify and track potential terrorists. He had eight years to abolish it but somehow only got around to doing so in December 2016?
"Same goes for the sudden round of hysterics over Chinese military movements in the South China Sea. We’ve heard more about a Chinese military build-up in that part of the world these past few weeks than we’ve heard in years, even though the build-up isn’t anything new.
"Then there was the unprecedented failure by the US ambassador to the UN to vote on a resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Like R.E.M. once sang, “silence means approval”, so abstaining from the UN vote was condemnation of Israel under another name.
"There’s Russia. Heaven only knows what Obama has up his sleeve to make sure Trump’s administration starts out on difficult footing with the Russian regime." . . .
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