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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Please explain to me Obama's high approval ratings.

"Obama is a small man with large dreams of destruction.  His malicious attack at the U.N. will rebound.  The permanent damage will be to Obama's own image.   The Wall St. Journal editorial called it "a defining act of Obama's Presidency.' " 
From American Thinker

Thomas Lifson: Obama’s ego and the future of the Dems  . . . "Obama cannot help himself.  He will keep picking at the racial scab, and that will not help the Democrats, nor will it help African-Americans.
"But it will gratify Obama’s ego as the First Black President.
"And that is what controls his future actions.  It will not end well for the Dems."

Obama's 'great' economy  "It is amazing how supporters of President Obama just rewrite history. In theWashington Post today, Catherine Rampell spouts the Obama party line that the economy is “great.' ”

Obama's hatred of Israel will rebound  . . . "Obama has chafed at the need to put on a mainstream front.  Now he is baring his leftist teeth.  The effect is more mean than frightening, and it will not have the outcome he wants. 
"Obama hates Israel, as he hates America.  He is the spiritual son of his Marxist father and of the openly anti-Semitic and anti-white Reverend Wright, as Obama told us from the first.  To the left, Israel and America are evil imperialists.  Obama has always wanted to cut Israel and America down to size. 
"Obama's last-ditch efforts to leave a legacy reveal his animus: flood our country with murderous jihadi "refugees" and make Israel a pariah nation in international courts.  It is a big "F you" from our perfidious president."

Image result for obama and rev wright cartoons

Watch: Obama one of worst foreign policy presidents ever  . . . "He said that the resolution "will make peace much more difficult to achieve, because the Palestinians will now say: 'We can get a state through the UN. We can get a state through the BDS movement...We can get a state through the International Criminal Court...We don't have to negotiate. We don't have to make painful compromises."

" 'He will go down in history, President Obama as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever." he said of Obama's legacy."

Obama's Hatred for Israel  . . . "But what is to be expected from a president for whom everything is racist until he says otherwise?" . . .

WaPo’s Richard Cohen Rips Obama’s Failure of Leadership: ‘Waved a Droopy Flag’  (Emphases in the original) . . . “ 'Thanks to no-drama Obama, American leadership is gone,” which absolutely rips the bark off Barack Obama, all the more remarkable. Observing that Obama “has been all too happy to preside over the loss of American influence,” he describes the current president as having “waved a droopy flag. He did not want to make America great again. It was great enough for him already.” On Syria, Obama “threw in the towel. The banner he flew was one of American diminishment.”

"Concluded Cohen grimly: “Whether we liked it or not, we were the world’s policeman. There was no other cop on the beat. Now that leadership is gone. So, increasingly, will be peace.' ”

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OBAMA’S VINDICTIVENESS AND ANTI-ISRAEL IDEOLOGY DROVE THE U.N. RESOLUTION  . . . "It’s clear, however, that the passage of the U.N. resolution won’t advance either objective. If anything, it may retard them. Obama could have no rational basis for thinking otherwise. Thus, we must conclude that he was, in fact, motivated by vindictiveness, raw ideological dislike of Israel, or both." . . .
The U.N. resolution isn’t even calculated to deter such building. It’s a blanket condemnation of all settlements. Israel is equally condemned whether it builds new housing for its citizens or not. No rational nation would stop building under that circumstance. Obama is too smart to believe otherwise.
If anything, now that it’s damned if it builds and damned if it doesn’t, Israel has all the more reason to build.

Obama’s UN Legacy: Whitewashing Iran’s Nuclear Cheating; Outlawing Jewish History  . . . "This is just a secularized version of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s September 2015 declaration that the PA “won’t allow Jew’s filthy feet” to defile the holy places in Jerusalem." . . .

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