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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sorry Hillary, but Obama is the true Santa Claus


Why Obama Likely is Secretly Glad Hillary Lost  "Am I the only person who thinks that in Barack Obama’s heart of hearts lies a glimmer of glee now that the Clintons won’t be moving into the White House when he moves out?  Roll your eyes in skepticism, if you will. But hear me out before launching a barrage of Bronx cheers.

"Yes, yes, I know.  Obama took time out from his busy presidential schedule to campaign for Hillary.  On the other hand, he’s taken time out to play golf, fly off to vacations, fund-raise, and do other things unrelated to the business at hand.  Face it: the garrulous guy has always loved being on the stump.  In fact, he delivers speeches better than he delivers the promises in them.  And even if he isn’t allowed by law to run for a third term, he has sufficient conceit to believe that he could handily have whipped both Hillary and The Donald.

"Obama would be the first to remind us that the longer the contentious 2016 presidential campaign dragged on, the higher his approval ratings rose, if only because he was not actually a candidate.   Still, our sitting president is vain enough to take this as a sign of his enduring popularity, of which he intends to take full advantage when he leaves office.  In a way, it will help him that Secretary Clinton was defeated, since there now appears to be no other Democrat who is capable of reminding the world how he won two elections and did much good." . . . 

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

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