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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Obama military: Sickening Class Taught To US Troops Makes Us Laughing Stock Of The World

The academy’s Center for Teaching and Learning is holding two events on Friday, one for faculty and staff and another for midshipmen. The hour and a half-long workshops will be hosted by Marnie Florin and Kevin Perry, who are “transgender trainers” for Google.
Midshipmen and staff who take the training course will get the opportunity to display cards outside their door that show they are allies of the LGBT community.
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Mad World News  "One of Barack Obama’s main goals during his presidency has been to cripple our military by taking away key assets necessary for America to defend herself. While deteriorating our forces to pre-World War II capabilities, Obama continues to implement his ridiculous policies into our military, as it has become his pet project for social experimentation. However, the latest ridiculous thing this president is doing proves that he’s intentionally trying to make us the laughing stock of the world." . . .

. . . "As this crisis rages on, Obama has also gone straight after our premiere fighting force, the US Marine Corps, where they’re now being forced to lower their standard in order to allow women into combat positions, in order to meet this president’s demands. Unfortunately, this has only been the beginning of Obama’s strategy to destroy our military, as disturbing news about what our soldiers are now being taught was just revealed.
"Like it or not, when you sign up to join the military you become a killing machine for the US government. Your sole mission in life is to defend America at all costs, and sometimes that means blowing someone’s head off who poses as a threat to our country’s freedom.
"However, Obama wants everyone to forget about that. Rather than our soldiers being taught how to slaughter military targets, they’re now being taught a series of courses about safe spaces, with one of the courses titled “Transgender 101,” which will instruct these millennial recruits on how to provide “safe spaces” for anyone who might get their tiny feelings hurt." . . .

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