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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Throwing the baby out with the bongwater

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Ann Coulter  "The New York Times posted a glowing article about a group home in New Hampshire, Hope on Haven Hill, founded with the express mission of keeping babies united with mothers who: 

" '... had used opioids, mostly heroin and fentanyl. Many had been incarcerated. Few had families they could turn to for help, and the fathers of their babies were out of the picture.”

"Why would anyone do this? And why is the U.S. government giving these lunatics a half-million dollar grant to help them do it?

"As the Times explains, "Haven Hill's philosophy" is that babies should stay with their drug addict, single mothers, "alleviating the widespread fear among pregnant drug users that if they seek help, their children will be taken away.”

"Even accepting that, in modern America, single mothers and drug addicts are People Who May Not Be Criticized, this is insane. It ought to be insane even to readers of the Times, who might have noticed, next to the perky article on Haven Hill, the headline for a related article in the Times: Opioids May Interfere With Parenting Instincts, Study Finds.

"As the article explains, scientists found that the part of the brain that registers cute baby faces "as irresistible, kicking in our instinct to care for them" didn't light up in people dependent on opioids, as it does in normal brains.

"But forget that the mothers are heroin addicts -- as Haven Hill does. Just consider the lottery tickets these kids have won by being born to single mothers. As recounted in gory detail in Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America, study after study has shown that children brought up by single mothers are doomed." . . .

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