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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

49ers Coach Kelly fired, well deserved

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Lloyd Marcus  "In Texas, Officer Stephen Magnes, saved by his bulletproof vest, is the first policeman ambushed in 2017.  In Oklahoma, a policeman is in critical condition,shot with his back turned during a traffic stop.  In 2016, 64 officers were shot and killed. Twenty-one were ambushed, the highest total in over two decades.

"The racist hate group Black Lives Matter and its political and media supporters are complicit in painting bulls-eyes on the backs of America's brave men and women in blue.  Insidiously, they created and nurtured the lie that police are racists who murder blacks.  Ninety-three percent of black homicide victims arekilled by other blacks.
"Ironically, the left's War on Cops has caused black-on-black violence toskyrocket because police are afraid to do their job, fearful of lies and negative political and media spin.
"Black role model 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick protested the U.S. in support of Black Lives Matter.  Kaepernick's promotion of the lie that police murder blacks trickled all the way down to black youths in high school, instilling disdain for police and America.
"When Kaepernick first dissed our country, taking a knee during the National Anthem, I thought: Where is the 49ers coach?
"Doesn't coach Kelly have authority to say: Keep your political protest off the field; you're hired to play football?
"San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly shamefully ran to microphones supporting Kaepernick and furthered the lie that cops murder blacks.  This is a powerful reflection of Mr. Kelly's lack of wisdom and leadership.
"Yes, I experienced schadenfreude over Kaepernick's and the 49ers' disastrous 2-14 2016 season.  While I do not wish Mr. Kelly any ill will, his firing is well deserved."
Well, this is, after all, San Francisco
Image result for 49ers colin kaepernick cartoons

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