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Friday, January 27, 2017

Beware of what the left has planned for this nation

Things will not be pretty the next few years, but not because of President Trump; beware of those who call themselves "Democrats". TD

Lloyd Marcus:They're Back-k-k! Leftist Crazies   . . . "One protest sign read, “Black Trans Queer Lives Matter.” I thought, how many of them are there in the world? Ten?
"Call me crazy, but what are these women so upset about?" . . .

In These Times

"To Defeat Trump, We Must Make Ourselves Ungovernable"

“ 'We cannot and should not legitimize the transfer of authority to a right-wing populist who has neo-fascist orientations,” Kali Akuno told AlterNet over the phone. “We shouldn’t legitimize that rule in any form or fashion. We need to build a program of being ungovernable.”
"As the co-director of the Mississippi-based group Cooperation Jackson and an organizer with the nationwide Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Akuno is one of countless people across the country working diligently to build a platform sturdy enough to confront Trump’s America.
"Movimiento Cosecha, led by undocumented people and immigrants, is planning to go on the offensive to organize a migrant boycott and general strike demanding “permanent protection, dignity, and respect of immigrants.” Groups including Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM) are already striking preemptive blows against a potential Muslim registry under Trump by successfully demanding that the Obama administration eliminate the regulatory framework for a Bush-era registry. The New Sanctuary Movement, meanwhile, is getting ready to mobilize large numbers of people to intervene against a potential escalation of raids targeting immigrants." . . .
This was first published on January 9, 2017. Obama did as they wished:    Obama Moves to Eliminate Bush-era Tracking Program.

Hat tip to Bob Bennett in The Trump Movement

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