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Friday, January 27, 2017

Smug libs getting plumb 'Tuckered'

Russ Vaughn  . . . "One of the most frequent criticisms conservatives voice regarding liberals is the dripping condescension with which they deign to engage their opponents in political discourse.  It's like a directional speech defect – liberals don't talk to, but rather talk down when speaking to conservatives, and if you possibly miss the scornful contempt in their word and tone, it's usually accompanied by a visible backup cue, a knowing little smile of superiority that's there to make it perfectly clear, bubba, that you are one dumb, misinformed, knuckle-dragging primitive.  That derisive smile is always there when they are listening, usually moving from side-to-side as the head is being shaken slightly to convey the sneering certainty that you're just simply never going to get this, bumpkin.  It's beyond your flag-worshiping, gun-loving, Bible-thumping flyover yokel comprehension.

"...until they get Tuckered, in the new meaning of that word.  Armed with the knowledge of what his liberal guests have publicly pronounced most recently, as well as in their pasts, Tucker Carlson proceeds to hold them to task for their words, hitting them with cogent questions, demanding, repeatedly if necessary, that they answer the questions he asks, not the ones they want to answer with their smug liberal talking points." . . .

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