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Sunday, January 8, 2017

CBS radio report created the impression Chicago torture victim was a black man assaulted by white Trump supporters

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Thomas Lifson  "This may be the single most despicable act of media bias I have ever encountered.  It took a lot of effort and art for CBS Radio to put together an early report on the Chicago torture incident that was strictly factual, yet created the impression on listeners that a group of white Trump supporters had attacked a helpless mentally challenged black man.  Mediaite provides a transcript of what was reported last Thursday morning by a top-of-the hour broadcst distributed to radio stations across the country." . . .

"If America is serious about correcting the pervasive bias in mainstream media, stripping CBS of its broadcast licenses for radio and television stations would send a memorable signal to others that false reporting aimed at inflaming racial tensions is not in the public interest. It would no doubt require millions of dollars and years to proceed with a formal challenge to CBS’s broadcast licenses.  But for conservatives who are sick and tired of media lies, this might be an opportunity to bring about change." . . .

Media on a quest to downplay race in Chicago kidnapping and torture
"Ableism"? Good grief.
. . . "The media has been forced to confront the reality that racism is not simply "prejudice with power," an institutional structure whose effects flow in only one direction.  As major networks desperately attempt to minimize the racial motivations behind this terrible crime, they continue to maximize the failure of their already deficient credibility."

Four Facebook Torturers Face Judge: Bail Denied

“Where is your sense of decency?”

. . . "The maximum sentence for a hate crime in the state of Illinois is a $25,000 fine and 3 years in prison. The maximum sentence for kidnapping is $25,000 and 7 years in prison.
     "If the perpetrators are found guilty of a hate crime and kidnapping, and if the prosecutors were to successfully have these charges served consecutively (not concurrently) then they could serve up to 10 years in prison.
     "But since the man has a mental disability, then the alleged crime in question could be considered an aggravated kidnapping, which has a maximum punishment of a $25,000 fine and 30 years of prison." . . .
. . . " 'We've seen over the last several years, when it comes to tensions between police and communities, the Internet, horrific hate crimes of the sort that we appear to have seen on Facebook today," Obama said in an interview with ABC Chicago affiliate WLS." . . .

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