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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Second Class in the Classroom

"For some students, the above scenario and options may not be a hypothetical, since a collective of teachers and administrators known as the Caucus of Working Educators (a part of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers) plan to carry out an ad-hoc “Black Lives Matter Action Week” in the city’s public schools beginning January 23." 
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Steve Feldman   "You are a child sitting in a Philadelphia classroom. The teacher, by implication and action asserts that your life doesn’t matter – and furthermore, that your people and your country are guilty of oppressing and committing genocide against another people.

"Do you argue with the teacher, risking retribution in the form of a bad grade or biased treatment for the remainder of the school year? Do you get up and walk out of the classroom, facing whatever punishment applies for that action? Or do you sit there silently and helpless, feeling oppressed as you conclude that the teacher -- and by extension the school system and the government -- are against you?
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"Perhaps any hatred that such materials and rhetoric foment can be tamped down while the students are in the school building. But what happens when the school day ends? How will this be acted out in the schoolyard or in Philadelphia neighborhoods? Within the past month in Philadelphia a synagogue was vandalized twice and a site where a mikvah (ritual bath) is being constructed was vandalized -- so the concerns are real."
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