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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Todd Starnes: Jennifer Holliday pulls out of inauguration; apologizes

Todd Starnes  "Tony-award winning singer Jennifer Holliday has decided not to sing at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration – caving in to significant pressure from gay and lesbian fans who were outraged by her decision to put patriotism over politics."
. . . 
“ 'We’ve become such a polarized country – we’re not listening to what the Obamas have said,” she told the newspaper. “They told us to move forward with hope – they didn’t tell us to stop participating.”

"Ms. Holliday went on to say she was singing for the people – the nation.

“ 'I voted for Mrs. Clinton, and they knew that. But if someone wants me to sing a national anthem or something, we think about America, and we go,” she said.

"It wasn’t long before Ms. Holliday learned that the Trump Administration appreciates tolerance and diversity more than militant members of the LGBT community." . . .

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