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Saturday, February 25, 2017

GOP rep: We might not be able to repeal ObamaCare because some Republicans are nervous about townhall protests

Hot Air  "Via CNN, I think this is a strategic bit of alarmism by a House conservative, Mo Brooks, to try to light a fire under grassroots ObamaCare opponents. He doesn’t really believe that Republicans in Congress scare so easily that getting screamed at by liberals for an hour at a townhall will undo seven years of repeal fever. Does he? And … is he right to? This is, after all, the GOP we’re talking about. They went from 35 years of Reaganism to Trumpism in the span of about nine months.

"There’s a warning here too for Trump, who’s been keeping a lower-than-expected profile on repeal lately." . . .

By The Way, The Indivisible Mob Booed The Invocation At Cassidy’s Town Hall Yesterday  "In case you missed them, we had two posts earlier today on Indivisible, the left-wing agitation outfit staging these protests – the first exposing the national connections to what happened to Cassidy, and the second outlining its plans to disrupt Cassidy’s event in Breaux Bridge Friday using similar tactics."

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