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Monday, February 27, 2017

How can reasonable people still remain Democrat Party supporters?

Just How Bad Is New Democrat Party Chairman Tom Perez?  Everyone seems to think the Democratic Party dodged a bullet in selecting former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez over radical Islamist Rep. Keith Ellison for party chairman. A look at Perez's record shows that the party dodged nothing.

"Ellison's appeal to Democrats was in his openly deranged radical extremism, he was billed as the outsider, the upstart, the new wave to freshen up the stale party that had lost so badly last November. Perez was somehow declared the moderate by default. Fact is, he was just as extreme in his views, but less noisy than Ellison." . . .

The real message of Democrats’ anger and protests  "But the key lesson for conservatives is that with their stubborn refusal to accept Donald Trump as their president, the Democrats are telling us our vote is invalid. It is but a small step from that to a totalitarian belief that we conservatives are undeserving of any vote at all. This map says otherwise. Old lefty folk singer, Woody Guthrie, may be spinning quite furiously in his grave right now but the pure red-hued truth is, for all you conservative Trump voters:
“ This Land is Your Land...”

Poll: Public Opposes Dems Federal Transgender Rule by 2-To-1 Margin…
Never mind that. The minority will riot and destroy communities, favorite celebrities will attempt to destroy their economies until the two-thirds give in to them.

"Why should over 324 million Americans be inconvenienced by the demands of fewer than 25,000 people with the mental disorder of gender confusion? The U.S. Census Bureau has an interactive map which shows the estimated number of transgenders per state."

Union Protestors Target California Republican, Go to Wrong House 
. . . "A similar "protest vigil" was held at the house of Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.). Issa was not home at the time of the protest, prompting his staff to label the demonstration "political theater."
" 'We should absolutely call out this silliness for exactly what it is: manufactured stunts to create political theater," said a spokesman for Issa's office."
. . . "Issa's staff gave the protestors cookies."

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