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Monday, February 13, 2017

"Liberals", wake up to what you have become!

Dems Made Their Bed with Leftists, Now They Must Lie in It

. . . "The Democrats will have to find a lot of political courage and resolve if they want to try a course correction.  The radicals are professional bullies.  They believe in what they call “direct action,” that is, coercive violence.  They demand no compromise.  They are awash with money.  They are professionally trained, ten thousand alone by Obama’s Organizing for America foundation.   The radical agenda, now the Democratic Party’s agenda, is ideologically driven to destroy all normalcy in our government.

"We see Democrat leadership and the media settling in for permanent demonization of America’s heartland, endless lies about Trump, more divisiveness.  It’s easy to say this will become tiresome and lose impact, but that is not inevitable.  Lies repeated often enough create their own reality, as President Bush learned.  President Trump is correct in countering every one of them, and creating the counter narrative that Democrats are hopelessly dishonest." . . Read more.

The Handmaidens of Hatred    . . . "Hatred of Americas founding principles was pushed early on by Howard Zinn, the loony Marxist who now controls the narrative of our history books.  His writings were filled with partial truths, half-truths, and outright lies about American history.  He cleverly inserted himself into the lexicon of hate in the attempt to help the global communist revolution come to America.  He has become the most widely read historian today – and has taught an entire generation, and an entire party, to hate their own country." . . .More

On the right, we need to stay strong, stay united, and stay resolute in the face of this hatred.  More than ever, we need the silent minority of Democrats to stand up and be counted.  They need to take back their party from the extremist, angry, violent, and intolerant left.  They need to talk those who have accepted anger as okay off the ledge.  They need to reclaim the American side of the party back, like Scoop Jackson, Hubert Humphrey, and John Kennedy.

The Earl of Taint

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