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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The left throws a tantrum

We are seeing the viciousness of the left and must earnestly pray for America and President Trump. Unless, of course, we are seeing this nation set aside by He Who Decides the History of Nations and their role in this world.  TD

Sarah Silverman calls for military coup against "fascist" Trump
. . . "Ionesco drove irony to sublimely ridiculous lengths. For leftists today, that's not much of a reach. They spend several decades trashing the Constitution and then claim Trump is violating constitutional principles. They spend even longer  trashing American values and then claim Trump is destroying American values. Irony escapes them because their ability for reflection and self-criticism is non existent. They are oblvious to their own stupidity.
"Thankfully, the military will ignore Sliverman's encouragement and do their duty according to the oath they swore when they enlisted. That has a far more powerful hold on them than some loony lefty's fantasy about a coup that isn't even worthy of a bad movie script."
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Berkeley riots put campus fascism on Trump’s agenda
. . . "Berkeley and its university are worldwide symbols of the leftist takeover and corruption of academia.  Few people realize that until 1964, when the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley signaled the start of the leftist assault on academia, Berkeley had been governed by Republicans for many years.  The influx of thousands of leftists from all over the nation is what changed the city into a stronghold and symbol of the left.

"The president of the University of California is none other than Janet Napolitano, the former head of Homeland Security, someone who ought to know about keeping order and preventing riots, but let her university fail.  It is not as if the intentions of the rioters were any secret."

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