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Friday, February 3, 2017

The shame of Berkeley and the left

In truth, I heard on the Fox Special Report panel that Ms. Napolitano and the campus police did require due diligence and provide for security at Milo's lecture. The prepared-for student demonstrators were joined by paid rioters dressed in black. As of the last report I heard, one arrest - one - was made. More should be disclosed as this post evolves. TD

Deranged Millenials, Academicians, and Hollywood crap shooters
"In the two weeks since the inauguration of our 45th president, we have seen the world erupt into predictable chaos.  Anarchy has been fomented by the growing underworld of arrogant progressives who believe they are the most intelligent beings on the planet.  Some say this effort is orchestrated by a billionaire who lives for just one thing: to tear down the fabric of our society, destroy our Constitution, and remove the collective freedoms we have all come to enjoy.  His methods revolve around inciting fear in women and minorities who fail to realize that their freedoms in America are unprecedented and available nowhere else on Earth.  The endgame is to install a globalist-dominated one-world order and destroy the American two-party system." . . .

"Eventually, you will wish you had taken more time to study and analyze the malignant undercurrent of which you are now a part.  Will it be too late?  Will you ultimately regret the day you fell for the chicanery?  Wake up!  Study before you act.  Contemplate before you speak, and for the love of God, stop before you destroy yourselves and everyone you value."
Berkeley’s Shame
The use of violence in the pursuit of political aims is the very definition of terrorism. And while it probably would be too much to treat these half-baked campus radicals with the seriousness applied to al-Qaeda or the Islamic State, the crimes committed in this and related episodes are serious and demand to be treated seriously. Political violence has social implications far beyond those of ordinary crime — we are not talking here about local thugs knocking over a 7-Eleven in Oakland.
. . . "Despite blindingly obvious evidence of criminality during Wednesday’s riots, only one person — one — was arrested. Lawbreakers should be prosecuted, and if they’re students, expelled. Likewise, a Twitter account representing Occupy Oakland declared that the group’s intention is to make “war” — their word — not only on Kentish political commentators but also on the U.S. government, and though it does them too much credit, the U.S. government should do them the courtesy of taking them at their word. If that means a federal terrorism investigation, so be it (though it would be better if the authorities in California would do their job and take the lead in this matter)."

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