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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This Land Is Their Land. California throws a hissy fit.

Weekly Standard
"On occasion, Trump has said that the only illegal immigrants he intends to deport are violent felons, a position White House spokesman Sean Spicer reiterated the first week of the new administration. But immigration activists are opposed to deporting even—perhaps especially—violent criminals."
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"To hear governor Jerry Brown tell it, California is all that stands between Washington and the ruin of the nation. In his recent “State of the State" address, Brown promised to defy Donald Trump, fashioning it as a great patriotic quest: "When we defend California," Brown said, "we defend America."
"California's combative stance toward Washington began as farce the night after Donald Trump's election when several hundred people paraded around the state capitol in Sacramento waving banners promoting what's called Calexit, the agenda of the secessionist Yes California Independence Campaign. By the time the state legislature convened a month later, the laughter had been replaced with angry invective directed at the Trump team's intention to deport undocumented immigrants, build a border wall, relax environmental regulations, and gut Obamacare.
"Trump's policies are "cynical, shortsighted, and reactionary," proclaimed assembly speaker Anthony Rendon immediately after gaveling the session to order. "White nationalists and anti-Semites have no business working in the White House." He dismissed any notion of reconciliation or compromise: "Californians do not need healing. We need to fight.' " . . .

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