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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why Police Wonder: ‘Will I Make It Through This Shift?’

Hard being a cop? It has little to do with the low pay scale, thanklessness, and demanding hours. It has far more to do with depraved humanity often shrouded by deception and fueled by unbridled hatred.

Lifezette  . . . "With soon-to-be confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the wing, police have good reason to believe he will parlay positive change, and rightly so. Sen. Sessions (R-Ala.) made supportive statements pertaining to the law enforcement community and has candidly described how society has severely maligned the unwavering efforts of cops.

"A new justice earmarks a “police first” mentality and ebbs away from the former knee-jerk, stone-throwing, anti-cop rhetoric we’ve seen throughout recent years.

"Our 45th president appears wholly supportive of law enforcement, so there is solace in knowing he intends to harvest principles in policing and not go the way of the former commander-in-chief. As a presidential bidder in 2015, Trump stated that, should he win the White House, he would endorse an executive order mandating an automatic death sentence for anyone who murders a police officer." . . .

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