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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump's immigration hold: "the swamp that cant be drained"?

What Trump’s Attorneys Argued in the Ninth Circuit  . . . "Further, regardless of any political considerations, we should also be grateful for our constitutional republic of checks and balances. Absent judicial activism, if an executive administration is in fact acting unconstitutionally, our judicial system should review those actions.
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"So regardless of the outcome here, we can be grateful for our system, and grateful for the nomination to the Supreme Court of Judge Gorsuch, a man who has a consistent track record of following the rule of law rather than engaging in judicial activism. When our American system of government is functioning properly, it works beautifully.

'Skeptical' Ninth Circuit judges poised to block some or all of Trump's travel ban
"The liberal judges sitting on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals peppered Trump administration attorney August Flentje with questions that suggested that the court is willing to severely curtail the president's executive order on temporarily banning refugees and issuing visas to citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.  In fact, the judges appear prepared to precipitate a serious constitutional crisis by severely curtailing President Trump's powers as commander in chief." . . .

Trump’s Visa Freeze Stands on Solid Legal Ground
The parade of horribles continues. Ferguson goes on to single out the “injuries” caused by the potential loss of H-1B visas to Washington-based tech behemoths Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia. As immigration-control advocates know well, the sentimental exploitation employed by “immigration rights” activists has always been used to legitimize the cheap-labor lobby. That marriage of convenience is on full display in Ferguson’s complaint.
. . . "For a case like this, the government’s advocate should not have been a career DOJ employee, and certainly not one as uninspired as Flentje showed himself to be. The case should have been argued by Noel Francisco, the acting solicitor general and an outstanding advocate."
"Why wasn’t it? Because a partner at the law firm of Jones Day, where Francisco practiced until last month, filed an amicus brief with the Ninth Circuit arguing that the executive order is illegal." . . .
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