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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ann Coulter determined to speak at Berkeley

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter vows to speak at Berkeley . . . “By the way, I am giving the speech,” she said Wednesday on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “What are they going to do, arrest me? They can put me in the Birmingham jail.” . . .
President Trump questioned Berkeley’s commitment to free speech in February, threatening to cut its federal funding over the controversy.

You can be sure this Coulter column is banned in all of California:

Your Choice: A Green America, Or A Brown America  "In celebration of Earth Day this Saturday, let's review how the Sierra Club sold its soul and screwed the Earth for a $100 million donation. They must hate themselves for it, so why shouldn't we hate them, too? 
     "After Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act began dumping millions of Third-Worlders on the country, the Sierra Club talked of little else besides reducing immigration. 
     "In 1970, the club adopted a resolution complaining that the country's growing population was polluting the "air, water and land" -- to the point that "our very survival (is) threatened." 
     "In 1978, the Sierra Club adopted a resolution urging Congress to "conduct a thorough examination of U.S. immigration laws," noting that the United States, Canada and Australia were the only countries admitting "more than a handful of permanent immigrants." 
     "In 1980, the club dropped its promotion of birth control, in order to focus on immigration. "It is obvious," the club said, "that the numbers of immigrants the United States accepts affects our population size and growth rate," even more than "the number of children per family." 
     "In 1989, the club's Population Report expressly called for reducing the number of immigrants. 
     "In 1990, the club's grassroots leaders voted overwhelmingly to launch a major national campaign on the immigration problem. 
     "Even people who don't live in yurts can't help but notice the environmental damage being done by hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans clamoring across the border every year, setting fires, dumping litter, spray-painting gang signs in our parks and defacing ancient Indian petroglyphs. 
     "The problem isn't just the number of people traipsing through our wilderness areas; it's that primitive societies have no concept of "litter." That's a quirk of prosperous societies. The damage to our parks shows these cultural differences." . . .
Mass Third World immigration is a triple whammy for the environment because: 
1) Millions more people are tromping through our country; 
2) The new people do not share Americans' love of nature and cleanliness; and 
3) We're not allowed to criticize them. 
The "heckler's veto"

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