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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Trump Has Repealed These 7 Pieces Of Obama’s Environmental Legacy

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Daily Caller  "President Donald Trump signed executive orders and new legislation this week that repealed much of President Obama’s environmental legacy.

"Trump eliminated the Clean Power Plan (CPP) as well as rules and regulations from several different federal agencies that had been implemented as part of Obama’s environmentalist agenda.
“ 'We fully expected the Clean Power Plan to be overturned, but were surprised at the breadth of the Executive Order,” Kathleen Sgamma, vice president for government at the Western Energy Alliance, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “It comprehensively clears out some of the regulatory overreach of the Obama Administration that was about greater federal control in the guise of environmental protection.”
“ 'Repealing those rules requires months if not years of rule-making and the inevitable follow-on litigation before they will be completely gone,” Sgamma continued." . . .
Here is an outline of parts of Obama’s environmental legacy Trump turned back. Each is discussed more in the article.
1. Stopping The Clean Power Plan
The Clean Power Plan would have only averted 0.019° Celsius of warming by the year 2100, an amount so small it can’t be detected, according to analysis by the libertarian Cato Institute using models created by the Environmental Protection Agency.

2. Changing How The Government Interprets The National Environmental Policy Act

3. Removing Strict Coal Mining Regulations
"America has 83,000 fewer coal jobs and 400 fewer coal mines than it did when Obama was elected in 2008, demonstrating the former president followed through on his pledge to “bankrupt” the coal industry."
4. EPA Denying Green Requests To Have Agency Ban Major Pesticide 

5. Simplifying How Public Lands Are Managed
6. Approving Keystone XL
7. Returning Environmental Regulation To The States. . . 

Image result for obama regulations cartoons

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