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Saturday, April 1, 2017

California, a precious jewel wasted on Californians

Radical Leftist California Looking to Become Illegal Alien Dystopia: May Reconstitute as Defacto “Sanctuary State”  "Barry Secrest notes: The silver lining to this possibility might lie in the fact that California, through an illegal alien population approaching estimates of at least 1/4th of the total population, would most likely be barred from receiving a considerable amount of future federal funding, if it were to make illegals legal. 
"At present, the state is ranked first in the dizzying amount of both federal grants and benefits paid to the state based upon its current population…not to mention the dispensation of disallowing a large number of electoral votes, due to the states not meeting federal voting criteria." . . .

Leftist California Professors "Corrupt" Higher Education  . . . "California taxpayers spend $2.8 billion to educate the more than 230,000 students at the 10 campuses that comprise the UC system. But the report says the UC system does not help students learn how to think, but rather teaches them what to think. And what they "learn" is that they are victims -- whether of racism, sexism, classism or discrimination because of sexual orientation. Liberal profs, says the report, turn the UC campuses into "a sanctuary for a narrow ideological segment of the spectrum of social and political ideas."  

"Nationwide, left-wing professors vastly outnumber conservative professors in the humanities. It isn't even close."' . . .
Take the UC Berkeley history course that majors in that field must take, "The United States from Settlement to the Civil War." Its course description states its goals: "to understand how democratic political institutions emerged in the United States in this period in the context of an economy that depended on slave labor and violent land acquisition."

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