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Thursday, April 6, 2017

When Republicans stop apologizing, then they can start winning.

"In 1992, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called President George H.W. Bush a “mean-spirited man who has no care or concern about what happens to the African-American community in this country."
"This was part of a National Press Club rant in which the fright wig from California also announced, “I believe George Bush is a racist.”
"Waters tepidly backed Bill Clinton even though he, like “most whites in America are not good enough on the race question.”
"Vice President Dan Quayle demanded an apology. No apology was forthcoming. "Dan Quayle doesn't know me," Waters told a cheering audience. "My mother couldn't make me do that."
"Maxine Waters doesn’t apologize to anyone. But Republicans apologize to her.
"When Bill O’Reilly joked about her wearing a James Brown wig, he was intimidated into apologizing. “Unfortunately, I also made a jest about her hair, which was dumb. I apologize.”
"Meanwhile Maxine went right on hurling insults and threats at the President of the United States. "I'm out to get him. I'm gonna see him out of office."
"So much for that." . . .

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