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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wife-beater's delight: Authorities shield abuser from justice to keep him from being deported

The beater
Monica Showalter  "Have the sanctuary cities' quest to shield everyone from deportation superseded every other claim on justice?  That's certainly the case in San Jose.

"In a story with a buried lede, the Daily Beast reported the story of an Indian immigrant with a Silicon Valley startup who abused his high-profile executive wife and finally got caught when she recorded his thuggery on her cell phone.  As in the case of most abusers, it was a string of abuse events.  The Beast focused on the wife's fancy executive job and her gumption to record the beatings on her cell phone to preserve evidence, as if that were the news of the story.  What the publication should have focused on is the justice crowd's willingness to let the wife-beater escape justice on the grounds that he might get deported."
. . . 
Image result for Neha Rastogi gattani photos
Neha Rastogi, his victim
"Apparently, anyone who does something that could expose him to deportation is now entitled to escape all justice for his crimes because local authorities just can't bear the thought of anyone ever getting deported.  Never mind the beaten wife or the danger the thug's freedom poses for her and her children.  And never mind that what happens to the wife-beater after he is held to account for his crimes is none of their business.  
"Apparently, no one, no matter what he does, in the eyes of San Jose authorities, should ever be deported.  Beat your wife?  Not a problem.  This sounds like the sort of eurotrash logic you find in Europe whenever some "refugee" or "asylum seeker" kills a local girl or rapes a ten-year-old boy." . . .

The chilling testimony and evidence can be found here
And here:  She Taped Silicon Valley CEO Abusing Her   . . . "He appears to be telling her that she is to blame for whatever happens to her.
“ 'You don’t want to get beaten up?” he asks. “Then control yourself.” 
"He appears also to be telling her to rein in the very fear and hurt he is instilling in her; she better not cry or he will give her all the more reason to do so." . . .

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