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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fire Colbert, or maybe his viewers.

Fire Colbert! Because, well, he's, he's..."homophobic*"! Yeah that's it! . . . "Late night comedy has historically pushed the limits of decency and with shows like "Saturday Night Live" so you kind of know what to expect. You certainly don’t expect balance and if you’re easily offended you can always switch to the Food Channel. However, Colbert not only jumped the shark of decency, his rant showed what you might get if soft porn and political commentary had a love child:" . . .
Colbert REFUSES to apologize for his 'homophobic' Trump gag and defiantly says 'I have jokes, he has the launch codes - it's a fair fight'
. . . "At the mention of the term 'c**k holster', the entire audience - which had been laughing through the more than 12-minute monologue - erupted into gasps. 
"The reaction was so loud that Colbert had to wait for them to settle back down to finish the rest of his speech." . . .

Don’t Fire Colbert — Fire His Crowd
The real problem is that so many on the left and right demand ever-cruder political discourse.
 . . . "In both, he makes essentially the same joke about Donald Trump fellating Vladimir Putin. (Hilarious and creative, right?) The truly troubling thing isn’t the joke itself — there will always be comedians willing to go low for a laugh, after all — but the crowd’s reaction:"

"Our political and cultural agenda is typically dictated by those who care the most, and right now those who care the most also tend to hate their opponents on the other side with a fiery, reflexive passion. "
"Watch again. Listen to the screaming and cheering.
. . . 
"In short, the people who truly care move this country, and the people who truly care are truly angry. Their anger is so all-consuming that it often forecloses the possibility of a debate about ideas. One of the more remarkable things about the 2016 election was that it was simultaneously the most vitriolic of my adult lifetime and the least ideological. Trump and Clinton were and are extraordinarily malleable, driven by self-interest above all else. Trump shifts positions almost daily. Yet the partisan devotion remains. Hillary is celebrated as a martyr to the progressive cause, and Trump’s base holds firm behind him."

* "Homophobic" has been placed within quotation marks because the term was used - improperly, I feel - by the left to designate any non-adoring references to that movement as coming from psychotic issues. Used properly (if possible), the word should refer to an inordinate fear of homosexuals and not to a rejection of their activism. The Tunnel Dweller

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