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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ann Coulter: Swamp People: 47; Trump: 0

"How would Trump, the businessman, react if an underling charged with developing a new golf course could never break ground? . . .'And I have caved, and caved, and caved -- so now our opponents know what good guys we are.' Trump would fire that employee so fast your head would spin. We want the ruthless businessman we were promised."
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Ann Coulter  "If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there's no point in ever voting for a Republican again. 
"Not only is there no funding for a wall, but -- thanks to the deft negotiating skills of House Speaker Paul Ryan -- the bill actually prohibits money from being spent on a wall. 
"At a CYA press conference on Tuesday, Trump's ridiculously chipper budget director, Mick Mulvaney, described the bill's prohibition on building a wall as a MAJOR win. (At least Mulvaney said it in English, unlike his all-Spanish 2014 townhall.) 
"True, there will be no wall. But the Democrats graciously agreed to allow the administration to fix broken parts of any existing fences on up to 40 miles of our 3,000 mile border. 
"The other big wins, according to Mulvaney, are: 

1) more defense spending, which is fantastic news, because I was worried Boeing and Lockheed Martin CEOs were falling behind Mark Zuckerberg with their gluttonous salaries; and 
2) school choice, an obsession of Washington wonks that is hated out in America, where parents move to high-tax towns for the express purpose of avoiding schools full of disaffected urban youth, and the disaffected urban youth don't want to spend two hours on a bus every day. 
"But Mulvaney assures us that this monstrosity of a spending bill has set things up beautifully for the next budget negotiation in October. 
"That has become the GOP's official motto: "Next time!' "  . . .

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