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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Just where ARE those "scared-off" Hillary voters she claims exist?

Would all the 'scared off' Hillary voters please report to CNN  "If you sum up Hillary’s excuse for losing the election it all comes down to voters who were positively going to vote for her until Comey and Putin changed their minds to vote for Trump.
"If this is the case, as Hillary clearly suggests, then there should be literally thousands of voters who were “scared off” from voting for her who can corroborate that excuse. So where are all those “scared off” voters, and why haven’t any of the alphabet news organizations found even one of them to tell their story of how they were disenfranchised by Comey and Putin from voting for Hillary." . . .
It stands to reason that if Hillary’s excuse is the truth, then at least some of the “scared off” voters would actually feel disenfranchised and demand to have their votes changed back to Hillary.
As we speak, I'm sure some editors are assigning young reporters the task of finding such people by any means possible. TD 

Comey Didn’t Sink Hillary. Hillary Sank Hillary  . . . "Moreover, as Comey basically admitted again today, Clinton had clearly broken the law. The only struggle was proving intent (though gross negligence was the standard.) So rather than smearing Comey, Clinton should be thanking him for not suggesting she be indicted".  From The Federalist, which contains more on this herehere, and here, among others.

New Evidence Bolsters Probability that Hillary Clinton Was Hacked  . . . "I believe Judicial Watch may have unearthed the “smoking gun” revealing just such a compromise, or at least an attempt to hack Mrs. Clinton’s system.  At the very least, I believe this finding should have been investigated by federal authorities if they were aware of it. If they were not aware of it, or were aware, but have not investigated it to date, they should do so now.
"The discovery of this information and its possible significance requires some explanation." . . .

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