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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Good PR for Trump, I'd say: Al-Qaeda Slams Trump as 'Hateful Crusader Master,' Issues Fresh Call for Jihad

PJ Media

. . . "While visiting the kingdom, Trump helped inaugurate the Saudi government's new  Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.

"Al-Qaeda called the gathering in Riyadh the "summit of shame*."

" 'So what did the Muslims and their scholars prepare for the hard days ahead, to face this blatant apostasy, clear betrayal, and unprecedented thievery?" the terror group added. "So here are the Crusaders and the apostates, and they have stolen your money, fought your religion, shed your blood, and transgressed against your honor. When will you return to your religion and do jihad in the cause of Allah?"

"Past issues of the Al-Nafir Bulletin have included mocking Arab rulers for being at the mercy of "the kicks of the high heels" of Ambassador Nikki Haley and telling jihadists to go forth and just kill Americans without any Islamic consultations first."

* Their feelings should line up pretty well with Democrats and Hollywood.

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