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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CNN, TV comedians, Maxine Waters, and the MSM lead the charge for impeachment

Lite Brigade

Podesta: It’s Too Early To Be Calling For President Trump’s Impeachment…

Why Impeaching Trump Is a Bad Idea . . . "This scenario is no doubt frightening. But more frightening still is what could happen if Trump is impeached. 
"To be sure, a President Mike Pence would restore some semblance of normalcy to American politics. There would be no self-inflicted intelligence leaks, no 3 a.m. Twitter storms. He’d protect classified materials, uphold the Constitution, and staff his administration with responsible career Republicans. Just as important — especially for America’s allies — Pence would close down the circus show that currently occupies the Oval Office, allaying the perception that American politics have gone off the rails. 

"Impeaching Trump, then, would constitute a re-normalization of public affairs. And that is precisely the problem. Mike Pence is a Republican’s Republican. " . . .   Read more

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